Online Services

Fully hosted and managed SaaS application including Appointment Booking System, Preliminary diagnosis and triage, Telehealth and telemedicine services.

GP Practice Consultancy

Objective advice, expertise and specialist skills across all areas of operation with the aim of maximising profit, improving the business performance of practices.

Regulatory Services

Regulatory services tailored for Primary Care Settings including General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ISO 27001 certification and Quality and Safety Clinical Governance.

The Sláintecare strategy introduced in 2017 by the Irish government envisages as one of the main objectives is a shift of care from acute hospital setting to non-acute care settings. This entails building and utilising capacity in primary, community and long-term care. This sector is by large privately supplied in the form of General Practitioners (GPs), private physiotherapists and private long-term residential care facilities. All of these providers facing challenges when it comes to introducing or keeping up with advance technology. This also mean there are new opportunities to improve patients’ outcomes and improve effectiveness in providing primary care services. This is where eHealth Technology Solutions is the preferred partner to unlock these opportunities.

As any change, and particular the introduction of new technology that affects established work practises, poses challenges to businesses and users alike we are looking to provide a comprehensive solution catering for all affected areas. To ensure our online services deliver real value and address operational problems, we offering expertise in adapting established operation management and necessary regulatory compliance.

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